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From young, my interest in personal development grew into a longing to live a life less ordinary. I wanted to travel the world and, like Richard Branson and Donald Trump, head a multi-national company, lead a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

In school, I was told to forget my dreams, they were too big. Thanks to my father who exposed me to what he considered important, I never stopped dreaming. His efforts were exemplified by my own interest. Although we led a spiritual life, financial accomplishment is more tangible, perhaps that’s why he encouraged me.

My dad, with his interest in personal development, said that anything was possible. (Gullible, I believed him.) At 9, I was working in the family health food shop. At 11 I discovered an Amway manual. I wanted to own the company, not just become a distributor.

At 14 I discovered Tom Hopkins. My father would play his tapes as he drove me to school. They were on how to list and sell real estate. On the tapes, he’d said that when he started out, he wanted to be the top real estate salesperson in California. What impressed me wasn’t that he could be the top salesperson, but that he believed that he could be. That inspired me I wanted to set records. I wanted to be the best at something. Anything!

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